OptoFest 2019

May 13-17, 2019


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Monday, May 13Nano-Fabrication Workshop
Tuesday, May 14Photonics Lab Tours
Free Space Optics Workshop
Wednesday, May 15Bio-Photonics Workshop
Thursday, May 16Multi-Discipline Faculty Meet & Greet
Poster Session
Friday, May 17Industry Research Day
Closing Remarks (with REG Award)

Workshop Details


[TNFC Staff]
This workshop will cover an overview of micro/nanofabrication technology with a focus on its applications in making planar photonic devices on wafer. Typical process steps such as microlithography (photo and ebeam), thermal oxidation, CVD, PVD, wet etching and RIE will be reviewed. After the lecture, a hands-on procedure to use the cleanroom facility and a typical photolithography procedure as well as a 1~10um dry etching of silicon will be demonstrated. In the end, ideas to use MicroNanoTech (MNT) techniques in various research needs can be discussed.
Free Space Optics

[Professor E. Istrate]
This workshop will cover typical operations in a laser lab. We will start with basic alignment of components, and look at various techniques which make it simpler to work with laser beams and optical components. In particular, we will look at how to use the properties of the optical elements themselves in order to do precise alignment. As an example, we will build a telescope (beam expander) and a spatial filter. Afterwards, we will look at typical stability requirements on an optical table and will build a Michelson interferometer to visualize any disturbances. To close, we will record and develop a hologram. In between, we will also look at how to clean and maintain optical elements (mirrors and lenses). With explanations at every step, students will be able to understand how to adapt these basic techniques to the needs of their particular experiments.

[Professor O. Levi]
This workshop will cover a brief theory of quantitative fluorescent microscopy and its various applications. Fluorescence microscopy is integral to many areas of biological research including biomedical engineering, cell biology, and molecular biology. We will gain hands-on experience working with living samples in the IBBME lab.

Participating Organizations / Speakers

Thursday, May 16Faculty of EngineeringProfessor Christopher Yip,
(Incoming) Dean
Opening Remarks
University of Toronto Entrepreneurship Dr. M. Cynthia Goh, Academic DirectorScience to Society: The Global Lighting Project
Dept. Electrical & Computer Engineering,
Professor Stewart AitchisonHow to Transform a Thesis Into a Socially Viable Business
University of Toronto & Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics

Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics
Professor Joyce Poon

Dr. Dirk Sander
The Max Planck Society and the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics
MitacsDaniel Giovannini, PhDMitacs Research Funds for Collaborative Innovation
Dept. Electrical & Computer EngineeringProfessor Mo MojahediFun with Structured Light
Wheeler Microfluidics Laboratory, IBBMEDr. Shuailong ZhangOptoelectronic Tweezers – A Useful Toolbox
Sinton Lab, Fluidics & EnergyJunjie Zhong, PhDImaging Fluids in Sub-10nm Channels
NTT Basic Research LaboratoriesDr. Hiroki Takesue[Seminar]
Coherent Ising Machine: a Photonic Computer Using a Network of Degenerate Optical Parametric Oscillators
Friday, May 17MitacsDaniel Giovannini, PhDMitacs: Partnering for Innovation
QDSolarDr. Armin FischerSolution-Processed Photovoltaics
Huawei Canada Research CenterDritan Celo, PhDRecent Progress on Silicon Photonics for Switching Applications
Sick Kids, The Hospital for Sick ChildrenAsim Rashid, PhDOptogenetic Dissection of Fear Memory Circuits in the Amygdala
Sick Kids, The Hospital for Sick Children Cesar Coelho, PhDInterrogation of Brain Circuits Using Optogenetics and Whole-Brain Mapping
Lumerical Inc.Dr. Roberto ArmentaInverse Design Workshop with Lumerical [Registration Link]
CienaAlex MacKayPhotonic Technologies Enabling 800G and Beyond
XanaduLuke Helt, PhDBuilding an Integrated Photonic Quantum Computer
UofT Entrepreneurship HatcheryReem AbughazalehLaunch your Tech Startup Company
FIBOSMichael Bakaic, MES, Co-FounderFiber Optic Sensors: Fiber Bragg Gratings for Industrial Applications
Neurescence Inc.Yasaman Soudagar, PhD, Founder & CEOFunctional Imaging of the Central Nervous System in the Level of Neuronal Circuits
Creative Destruction LabKhalid Kurji, MBA, Stream Lead - QuantumThe Creative Destruction Lab and the Market for Judgment for Deep Tech Startups
Dept. Electrical & Computer Engineering,
Photonics Innovation Centre
Professor Li QianClosing Remarks (& Research Expansion Grant Award)


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